Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Challenge of wheat, egg, dairy and nut free Baking

My husband recently reminded my that I always used to say that I cooked, but I didn't bake. Well, now I bake. Cody can handle small amounts of wheat, but too much makes him itchy and he gets hives. And I'm actually starting to enjoy baking and the challenge of making wheat, dairy and egg free breads.
The reason I started baking is because Cody was at a point where he would only eat vegetables, so he wasn't getting a lot of calories. Have I mentioned he's picky? He won't even eat applesauce unless it's mixed with vegetables! I wanted to find a way to get some good calories in him, so I figured putting veggies in homemade bread might work.
I started with some of his favorite vegetables and made zucchini-carrot oat bread and sweet potato oat bread. They were a hit! I liked the idea of using oat flour because of the health benefits, plus I tasted other gluten-free breads and I like the taste of the oat breads best.
I then bought a mini muffin pan and decided to try some pumpkin mini muffins and dried cranberry mini muffins which were also a hit. I'm still adjusting the recipes.
Then I got ambitious and decided to try sandwich bread, hamburger buns and pizza crust. The first loaf of bread I made was a sad, little brick (see photo). I realized I had to make some major adjustments to cooking with oat flour, but I am determined to make it work. And so began my research into leavening agents. I'm learning a lot and am trying different combinations.

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