Friday, May 10, 2013

Some days

Most days you would never know Cody has food allergies. Most days I see a healthy, happy, active little boy.

Then there are some days like today. 

Something as simple and innocent as a kiss on the forehead after eating yogurt causes him to break out in a red rash and hives. I'm shocked by the reaction to such minimal contact with dairy. I wash his forehead and put some hydrocortisone on it. I calmly (on the outside) watch him like a hawk for the next few minutes hoping the hives will go away and not get bigger and spread. I also keep an eye out for any other symptoms. I hate this feeling of fear and helplessness.

Thankfully the hives go away and the rash disappears. He has no idea. He's been playing this whole time.

Tomorrow will go back to most days and we'll move forward having learned from some days like today.

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