Monday, May 13, 2013

My mom and my allergies

Since yesterday was Mother's Day, I've thought a lot about my mom and how she handled my food allergies.
I had no idea until recently the things my mom did when I was a child to manage my food allergies. And I probably would not have ever known if not for Cody's allergies. 
She has told me about the conversations she had with teachers and other parents. And this was at a time when food allergies were really uncommon. I'm so surprised to hear about this now, but also grateful for what she did. It's also nice to have someone close to me who understands what we're going through with Cody and who I can talk to about it. I feel very lucky.
She said that she never wanted to make me feel like I was different or sick. Well, she certainly succeeded. I never felt that way at all and I hope to do the same for Cody.
Thanks Mom!

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