Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Allergen Free Pizza

One of the things that was discouraging to my husband and me was to think that Cody might not be able to have a common favorite food among children and adults, pizza. The crust is a challenge because of wheat sensitivity, the cheese a challenge because of dairy allergy and the sauce a challenge because tomato makes him itchy and rashy.

Italian food is our favorite food. How could our child possibly be sensitive to tomato? I couldn't believe it. Hopefully he will grow out of it, but in the meantime, I started brainstorming about how to replace tomato in recipes and make a substitute sauce for pizza and pasta.

I looked online and basically found that it was impossible. I don't like impossible, so I decided to try anyway and I had a few ideas. My first thought was carrot, mostly because of color and consistency and I thought I would add vinegar for acidity. It was completely wrong and actually pretty gross! I didn't realize just how acidic tomato is until I started comparing it to other vegetables.

My next thought was zucchini and lemon juice. I tried a small batch, then a bigger batch and I think it works! I put it on pasta and it's good. My husband, who is part Italian, liked it also.

Next I made some mini pizza crusts with oat flour (still needs work) and put the zucchini sauce and some vegan rice cheese on top. It's pretty good! It will never taste exactly like tomato sauce, but it's pretty close. It almost made me want to cry that I successfully made pizza for my son.

I gave it to him and he made the face and noise he makes when something is just awful! Picky boy. Oh well. I'm still excited about it and I'm sure he'll come around. Maybe after about 30 tries!

The pizza is pictured below. I know its not the prettiest pizza you've seen!
I'll post my zucchini sauce recipe shortly.

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